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It is said that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said. “If you give food to a person who is fasting, you will have the same reward as him without depriving the fasting person from his reward”. Narrated by Ibn Majah.

Ibn Taimiya (mercy of Allah upon him) said “The reward to the one who gives food to a fasting person till he is satisfied will come back to the one who gives food. The reward for feeding a fasting person is given to the one who gives food to the fasting people.” This lies in the section of the causes behind a good work. If one becomes a reason behind a good work, his reward will be the same as the reward of the one who does the work, none of his reward will be decreased.”
Giving food to a fasting person in Ramadan carries many facets; one is preparing the food and giving it ready to the fasting people, or give money equals to the value of food, or inviting fasting people to come to one’s house. All these represent a feature of giving food to the fasting people and so he will have the reward.

We are known that we are a nation that always competes to do favours and philanthropist work, so we determined to complete the march of our annual Ramadan gifts by establishing Ramadan project for the year 1441 AH. These gifts are distributed to the families of the orphans and widows, then to the needy, the poor and the destitute in various Sudanese states with the aim of helping them to spend Ramadan in a complete sufficient way, God willing. This project has a good reputation and is well known by all our kind people far and near.

By grace of Allah (SWT) we made available and prepared 13.000 Ramadan baskets, weighted 364 tons of foodstuff containing the essential needs for 13.000 families. This was done through our representatives spreading all over Sudan states (the states of Khartoum, Gezira, Northern, White Nile, River Nile, Sennar, Blue Nile, Red Sea, Southern Kordofan, Northern Kordofan, West Kordofan and the five states of Darfur). This was done through complete coordination with the concerned bodies in the mentioned state.

The “Organization” expanded in the field of diversifying philanthropist works by distributing Ramadan basket and sugar to the ‘khalawee’ (Holy Quran Houses) and the complexes that take care of those who are learning Holy Quran by heart. This was done with the cooperation of some of the philanthropists. We ask Allah Al Mighty to make these deeds as good in their balance of their good work and to all those who participate in it whether by donating money, giving ideas or sparing time. We ask Allah Al Mighty to accept their good work. The total cost of Ramadan projects amounted to (31.477.885) Sudanese pounds.