Khartoum North Al-Baraha Square (18) Block No. (469)


The “Organization” is a castle and sanctuary for all our families. A great effort is exerted within the activities of the office of orphans’ sponsorship and taking care of the widows. We aim to enhance and upgrade the social and financial conditions for the widows and the families of orphans. This is done through specialized training courses, lectures on alphabetization (elimination of illiteracy), scientific cultural seminars and periodical courses. Coming at the top of these, the study of Holy Quran and the nice Islamic Law (Islamic Sharia). It also includes periodical various clinics in internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, neurology and psychology. For enhancing the relationship between the “administration” and the beneficiaries, we have annual family meetings and breakfasts parties during Ramadan. The project cost (155.555) Sudanese pounds.