Khartoum North Al-Baraha Square (18) Block No. (469)


“Maragi Organization” has received greater welcome and acceptance from the people in the different regions. In concordance and harmony with its role in participating in growing and expanding the facets of development of the population of the targeted areas, the “Organization” calls to exert more efforts to make the medical services within reach in the remote and isolated areas. This will be done through the availability of more medical establishments that should be equipped with specialized medical apparatus and equipment. By grace of Allah Al Mighty, we have achieved great progress because we are the pioneers in this field in preparing all assisting equipment. This is done as Allah Al Mighty ordered us in Holy Quran, “ If anyone save a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.” (5/32)

The “Organization” held two healthy camps. One; in the White Nile state for those who were afflicted by the floods and rains. The other one was held in Khartoum state for the families of the orphans and widows in cooperation with “Zakia Optical Centre”. The cost of the project was (129.410) pounds.