Khartoum North Al-Baraha Square (18) Block No. (469)



Charity and humanitarian works, which are represented in voluntary organizations and philanthropist establishments dealing with the work of development and reconstruction which are of the priorities of nations, for the fundamentals of every divinely revealed religion are to spread goodness, tolerance, peace and achieve security through spreading the values and principles, filling the gaps of the needy and comfort the afflicted, solve problems, make reconciliations and settlements between people, educate the illiterates, dissemination of education and so forth of responsibilities, trusts and burdens.
From these principles and values “Maragi Organization for Human Development” was established to be a constant cornerstone that would be an addition to the works of charity under the slogan “Together, We Elevate with the Nation and the Nationals” – God willing. It works according to the divine approach and under the regulations and rules of voluntary work in the Republic of Sudan.

Our Vision

To have the leadership and distinction over other organizations regionally and internationally in keeping social stability that participates in achieving sustainable human development and reinforces international trust in our credibility.

Our Mission

Together, We Elevate with the Nation and the Nationals” – God willing