Khartoum North Al-Baraha Square (18) Block No. (469)


General Secretary

With the grace of God, his help, his gratitude and his bounty, we have completed the project plan for the year 1440 AH-2019 CE in a manner that satisfies our conscience, and may God rejoice in the hearts of the beneficiaries and the targeted, who are the weak and needy segments of the Sudanese society who are in need of all assistance from the poor, the destitute, the needy, the innocent orphans, the pure and the chaste widows. The Noble and His Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace. In this simplified report there are features of this blessed work accomplished in our past year, and we cannot provide a great and honorable explanation of this work in its lines, words or pages, after invitations were raised to the Most High, the world of hidden things and the generosity we ask Him to accept them, and the tears of joy that fail all words have collapsed It expresses its content and the feelings that fueled it, so it came out warm and kissed pure cheeks, for God turn all those who contributed to this effort, those who spent, gave, effort and exerted, planned and executed with perfection, honor and benevolence, until they reached human perfection that we do not claim, but witnessed by the specialists, I achieved his goal – A hand spent and a hand worthy of the giving took – with complete impartiality and denial of absolute transparency and fidelity that seeks what God is most worthy of. We ask God for the joy of the hearts of orphans and the tears of widows who rose and collapsed against their stream with joy, that God protect with it the fire of Hell whoever took a share in this blessed work, and we will be a reason to enter the highest paradise with those who said (and put me in the band of the poor), peace be upon him, and praise be to God who By his grace good works are done.