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Introduse Our Campains

The Project of Providing Cladding (clothes)

The idea of the project deals with collecting clothes, covers and blankets. This is done by some volunteers. These volunteers sorted these items out, prepare them and distribute them to the needy in different states of Sudan throughout the year. This year, 4.500 people...

Goal:ج.س. 1,840,980.00
Raised:ج.س. 0
To Go:ج.س. 1,840,980.00

The Project of Ramadan Basket

It is said that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said. “If you give food to a person who is fasting, you will have the same reward as him without depriving the fasting person from his reward”. Narrated by Ibn Majah. The total cost of Ramadan projects amounted to (31.477.885)...

Goal:ج.س. 31,477,885.00
Raised:ج.س. 0
To Go:ج.س. 31,477,885.00

Supporting the Needy and Poor Families

We try to have a society able to be steadfast in front of the challenges that storm it. We do our best also by every possible means to provide decent life to every individual through participating in rehabilitating their dwellings or providing them with productive...

Goal:ج.س. 3,995,440.00
Raised:ج.س. 0
To Go:ج.س. 3,995,440.00

Merciful Among Themselves

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said. “Protect yourselves from fire even by the white spot on a date-stone”, narrated by Elbukhari and Muslim. Read More...

Goal:ج.س. 651,135.00
Raised:ج.س. 0
To Go:ج.س. 651,135.00

Construction and Maintenance of Mosques

Allah (SWT) said. “Only he should visit or tend God’s houses of worship who believes in God and the Last Day” (9/18) Jabir Ibn Abd Allah (grace be upon both of them) said that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said, “If one builds a mosque for Allah’s sake whatever small its...

Goal:ج.س. 640,670.00
Raised:ج.س. 100,000.00
To Go:ج.س. 540,670.00

Distribution of Sheep For Greater Bairam

In term of the verse: “Then eat thereof and feed therewith the distressed ones in need” (22 – 28), for the year 2019 AD. – 1441 AH, and in the field of the Greater Bairam (Day of Immolation), “The Organization” distributed 642 sheep. The targeted ones were the families...

Goal:ج.س. 5,713,275.00
Raised:ج.س. 0
To Go:ج.س. 5,713,275.00