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The idea of this project is based on the maintenance, rehabilitation and constructing of mosques

Clothes Donation

The idea of the project collects clothes and blankets, and then distributes them to the needy.

Medical Help

The organization implemented two health camps in cooperation with the ZAKYA Optics Center. The cost of this project was (129,410) SDG


Maragi Center for Social Development and Training Project to improve and upgrade the social and financial situation of widows and orphan families.


10,000+ sponsored
In all states of Sudan

Orphan Project

Helping Today. Helping Tommorow

We in Maraqi seek to compensate the orphan child as much as possible for depriving the father or mother. Sponsoring an orphan is one of the things that the true Sharia urges, and making it one of the medicines that treat diseases of the human soul, and with it the society becomes clear in its fraternal image that Islam agrees for him. The idea of the project is based on providing assistance to the families of orphans by providing monthly sums of money to secure a decent life for them, and to cover their basic needs in terms of treatment, education, and the needs of various events such as Ramadan, holidays, and the beginning of the school year, taking into account their living conditions to be more effective and make our world a better place.

We Help around the Sudan

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About Maragi

Maragi Organization for Human Development” was established to be a constant cornerstone that would be an addition to the works of charity under the slogan “Together, We Elevate with the Nation and the Nationals” – God willing. It works according to the divine approach and under the regulations and rules of voluntary work in the Republic of Sudan.

Our Vision

To have the leadership and distinction over other organizations regionally and internationally in keeping social stability that participates in achieving sustainable human development and reinforces international trust in our credibility.

Our Mission

Together, We Elevate with the Nation and the Nationals” – God willing

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